How to Overcome Keto Diet Side Effects and Come Out a Warrior?

“No pain no gain!”

The fundamental rule of weight loss is without struggling; the results won’t come. All those Instagram users are posting before and after pictures, yet, no one could shed the pounds without consistent hard-work. However, no matter what they say, diets can be tough on the body. But that does not mean one should give up!

Besides, any diet requires one to strengthen their resolve and stay consistent. Therefore, if you recently began you the infamous keto diet meal plan, you may already be succumbing to a few side effects. Therefore, to help you win the challenges faced on this diet, you will learn about the potential side effects and steps to counter them. We also discuss the best CBD oil in 2019 (thanks to for their expert Buyer’s Guide).

Keto side effects and tips to counter them!

Side effect 1: Constipation!

If previously you ate a lot of carbs and fatty foods, your body was used to them. Now, suddenly that you are on a diet completely devoid of carbs, it is possible that your body is taking its time to adjust to the new changes. Therefore, constipation can be a side effect of ketogenic diet.


Cut back on your nut and dairy consumption, and try eating lots of non-starchy vegetables. Also, make sure you drink lots of fluids to regulate bowel movements. The symptoms will likely fade within 2 weeks.

Note- If the symptoms prevail, contact your gastroenterologist and get checked for stomach ailments.

Side effect 2: Frequent urination

The keto diet is devoid of carbs. Hence the body burns excess fat and glucose from the liver and muscles which secrete lots of liquid. Additionally, the kidneys also excrete more sodium as a result of a drop in the body’s insulin level. Thus, this diet will make one pee often.


This is not a cause for concern, try consuming food with less amount of salt. Moreover, once the body adjusts to this ketosis weight loss diet, these side effects stop within 2-3 days.

Side effect 3: lethargy and tiredness!

While the body adjusts to this diet, the metabolic rate undergoes a few changes. The body instead of breaking down glucose breaks down fat when the ketones are at work. Now, as this process unfolds, the body becomes weak, and there can be a loss of energy. You may also experience brain fog, lethargy and occasional drowsiness while following your keto diet.


To counter this ad minimal amount of salt to your diet and have bone broth soup or chicken soup on a daily basis, to provide the body with adequate electrolytes and nutrients which will keep it energised and healthy.

Also, drink adequate water to avoid becoming dehydrated as a lot of fluids are expulsed when one is under a ketogenic diet. Another solution for combatting lethargy is sleeping for7-8 hours on a regular basis, especially if one is one a strict work-out routine.

Side effect 4: Cravings and mood swings!

Mood swings and cravings are common side-effects resulting from any particular diet. The body previously was supplied with enough sugar and glucose, and suddenly when it stops getting these components, it starts to crave it.

This results in moodiness and irritability when one has to constrict their diets. Thus often followers of keto diet have breakdowns where they end up gorging on sweets and high carb meals at a go.

This can affect the body and mind negatively.


The best way to tame cravings and moodiness is to make a smart ketosis diet plan. The trick is to shop smart and not stock cupboards with unhealthy high carb foods.

Instead, you can make ketosis weight loss approved snacks, like guacamole, smoothness made of strawberry or cocoa or consume little chocolate made from animal dairy. For combating mood swings, find a hobby, listen to relaxing music and try to keep yourself distracted or busy with work.

Side effect 5: Low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia

Low blood sugar is another side-effect arising out of following a ketogenic diet. This can make one feel remotely tired and intensely hungry.

Moreover, those who just began a keto diet, in the initial stages the body is yet learning to burn fat for energy. So, one may undergo voracious hunger and depression.


Eat more protein and non-starchy vegetables. Choose to eat food not all in one go but, every 2-3 hours. This will firstly, help in digestion and secondly, it can keep one fuller for a while and tame excessive hunger, thereby making your ketosis diet effective.

Side effect 6: Bad breath

The body excretes ketones in a myriad number of ways. One of the ways is through lungs. One of the ketones most secreted is acetone; this has a fruity smell which constitutes the bad breath.


Sugar-free gums or herbal paste is your solution while on your ketosis diet. Moreover, this effect too will minimise within a week or two.

Side effect 7: flu symptoms or as popularly known keto-flu

Keto flu is like a normal cough and cold, and most followers of the ketogenic diet are likely to fall victim to this flu in the initial stages. One may face nausea, headache, runny nose and feverish.


The solution is to stay calm and focused on the goal. The keto flu is the body’s way of adjusting to the changes. Hence, ones who stop the diet mid-way will have to start from scratch. So, just a few days of discomfort and your weight will start to go away.

Other side effects may include muscle weakness, loss of appetite and diarrhoea. However, these are a result of inappropriate keto diets. So, consult a physician and depending on the requirements of your body, make your keto diet chart.

Additional notes:

  1. Before beginning the diet, learn your macros. Firstly find out how much calorie your body requires and make a chart that can fulfil your calorie requirements.
  2. Your daily intake of carbs must be under 30 gram while on your ketosis weight loss diet, in fact, try to make it lesser.
  3. Do not stock your panty and try to follow this diet with a friend. This will help you capably tackle the side-effects.

In conclusion, keep your cool and resolve not to give up. Keep your body and mind stress-free and follow the keto diet for a month to shed those stubborn pounds. Good luck!